POSTERITY: (noun pos·ter·i·ty \pä-ˈster-ə-tē) succeeding or future generations

The art of quilting has been perfected generations stretching all the way back to the 13th century.  Posterity Quilt Company was developed with this in mind: connecting the past with the present.  I add modern twists to classic quilts.  I hope to continue the tradition of quilting by sharing my adventures, obsessions, and tips and tricks of classic quilting.


My Story

Although I'm a Mid-West girl at heart, I traded the hills of southern Wisconsin for the mountains of Colorado and I've never looked back.  Wife of an awesome husband and mother of three crazy kiddos, I enjoy spending my free time in front of my sewing machine.    Some of my favorite things in life include good food, good company, and Lady Grey tea.

Happy Quilting!

- Rita

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