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1930's Farmer's Wife: Jenny

The Jenny block can be found on page 150 of the  1930's Farmer's Wife Sampler  (page 204 for template instructions.)

The Jenny block can be found on page 150 of the 1930's Farmer's Wife Sampler (page 204 for template instructions.)

Click here for the original Farmer's Wife Magazine, the letter written by Am I Right or Wrong? in Wisconsin can be found on page 16.

March 1939

This is an interesting tidbit for conspiracy theorists.  A book entitled The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler was published anonymously in the US, alleging that Adolf Hitler had actually been assassinated by omelette poisoning in late September 1938 before German the annexation of Czechoslovakia.  The world and German people had been bamboozled, and the "Adolf Hitler" leading Germany after the annexation was actually a number of look alike impersonators under the control of Nazi Party leaders.  As a dabbler in conspiracy theories myself, this is a weird one!  But I did find the full text of the book on so if you're interested. 

Long story short, there's no evidence that Adolf Hitler ever succumbed to an assassination attempt and on March 15, 1939 the German army marched unopposed across the Czech boarder and into Prague to establish political and actual control of the country.  Several days later on March 20, Germany extended an ultimatum to the government of Lithuania demanding capitulation of the Memel territory, the Lithuanian government ceded the territory the next day.  German news organizations also began circulating rumors of Polish oppression of ethnic Germans living in Poland, which stirred up anti-Polish sentiments and support for an impending invasion of Poland.  In response to Hitler's blatant disregard for the Munich Conference, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain ordered the British Army double in size.

In the United States, a general sense of economic optimism was starting to grow.  The Great Depression was coming to a close, unemployment rates had fallen to 17% from 26% in 1933.  The average household income was $1,730, and nearly 2/3's of American's attended the movies on a weekly basis.  Big Band music was popular: the song "Deep Purple" topped radio pop charts.  Written in 1933 by Peter Derose, but Bea Wain and Larry Clinton's version of the song finally broke through to the public.  

Handsomepants is a huge Big Band fan!  He has quite a collection of original vinyls, all arranged by composer and release date.  He only plays those vinyls on a 1943 Fisher radio/player combination cabinet.  He has play lists on Spotify and Pandora, and very proudly announces the song title and composer within the first 4 bars of music every time a new song starts.  Listening to Big Band has become a bit of a family pass time and it usually helps the kids to do chores around the house.

To help me with the upkeep of the house we have chore sticks. The girls each pick 3 sticks, that have different chores on them, and chores have to be done before dinner. This way a sense of monotony is gone because you never know which chore is going to be selected, they girls have a period of time to show me they can be responsible without me breathing down their necks, and I have less housework to do. But listening to music while cleaning helps the time pass, and we can spend time as a family the entire evening.


The Block

The Jenny block is easier to piece than you might think, you just have to be conscious of the order by which you piece the block.  

Make four large triangles by piecing 2 A pieces to 1 B piece.  By breaking down block into smaller components, it’s easier to complete.



A (4) 3 x 3", cut into HST's

B (4) 5 x 2"


Happy Quilting!

- Rita