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1930's Farmers Wife Quiltathon: Fabric Selection

I think this is one of the most fun parts of quilting is choosing all of the fabrics I'm going to use!  I have a hard time believing that I'm the only quilter out there that buys fabric just because it's pretty and not because I actually have a plan for how to use it.  But when I decide to ignore all of my WIPs and start a new quilt top, I can spend hours sifting through all of the drawers and stacks of fabric in my quilting closet.  Luckily for the 1930's Farmer's Wife most of my fabrics fell into my lap at the Denver Mart Quilt Show this last March.


I have a terrible habit of combing through the stalls of quilt shows on the last day of the show looking for awesome discounts and this last year I made out like a bandit!  Buy-One-Get-One yard cuts for $3, heck yes! I went a little crazy, but I found lots of pretty fabrics that happened to play well with one another. 

The fabric requirements given in The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt don't necessarily give measurements needed for all 99 blocks. (I couldn't find them, unless I just had idiot moment when reading!)  Over the course of 2018 I will be making all 99 blocks required to make a queen sized quilt top, and I've guessed a bit at the amount of fabric required to make all of those blocks.  

I've amassed 14 yards of fabrics along with a number of scrap pieces about an 1/8th of a yard, I'm assuming that will be more than enough! 


I've also decided to keep the color palate relatively simple, but I wanted a quilt that was somewhat quiet.  I feel that a lot of the quilts I made last year had loud colors and bold prints and I wanted a change in favor of something more approachable.  The little flower motif is on three of the fabrics in blue, purple, and green.  Maybe it's too repetitive, but for some reason I'm really attracted to this print. 


I also did not select many solid fabrics, all but three are prints.  This will lead to busy blocks but I'm planning on using solids for the back ground fabrics to help the eye focus on the blocks and not the quilt at large.  If you're going to put all of that work into each beautiful block, why not showcase them?


I have to admit that I'm rather nervous for this quiltathon to start. I'm behind schedule before we've even started!  Multiple broken pipes and a completely flooded house last month (first floor and an inch of standing water in the basement) has kept me from doing any form of quilting or blogging for that matter! 

We've all been living in our bedrooms for the last couple of weeks and moving into a hotel if in our near future!  The kids have been troopers even when Handsomepants and I announced our Christmas plans were canceled and we weren't getting a tree this year.  I only hope our insurance will be more accommodating so that I can have floors and drywall in two stories of my house by the end of January, fingers crossed!


And on top of all of that craziness, we have a little secret!  Starting June 2018, the Wahn family will now be party of 6!  The girls are excited and I've officially upgraded to a minivan (with heated seats!)

Despite all of the craziness in our lives right now, we have a lot to be grateful for with a roof over our heads, food on the table, and a growing family that we love!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and happy quilting!

- Rita