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2017 New Quilter's Blog Hop Introduction!

Oh boy, the New Quilter's Blog Hop has officially started again!  I followed along a little bit last year and jumped at the chance to participate this year when I saw signups.  I'v learned lots already just by going through critiques (shout out to SnowyDayQuilting and InquiringQuilter!) and I'm excited to learn even more!  I've been blogging for about 2 years, but I signed up for the blog hop because I'm ready to treat this blog and my approach to quilting seriously.

So without any further ado, let me introduce myself!

I'm a twenty-something stay at home mom with three kiddos, (Goose is 4, M is 2, and Little Man is 6 months).  I've been married to my awesome husband for 7 years this July!  After two weeks of dating I knew I was going to marry him and then the jerk broke up with me, but that's another story.  

Lunch at Qudoba last week! M, Goose, Little Man, and Handsomepants

Lunch at Qudoba last week! M, Goose, Little Man, and Handsomepants

Handsomepants is a financial reporter for the State of Colorado and I pursued more interesting topics in college like Medieval History and International Conflict Management, but those degrees don't really pay the bills...  so besides raising the kids and quilting I have a couple side hustles: I'm a children's karate instructor, a Norwex consultant, and a theology teacher at church, my quilting circle meets Tuesday nights, and I make a fool of myself every week at my Friday night soccer league.  Life is busy, and that's the way I like it!  Some other things about me:

  • Jane Austen is my favorite author (There was a time when I tried to convince Handsomepants that we should name all of our kids after her characters.)
  • I'm a candy addict
  • I'm not terrible at snowboarding 
  • I love to play board games
  • I believe in Big Foot 
  • My favorite color is gray

I took my first quilting class 7 years ago.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law have both quilted since they were little, and I wanted something that we could share in common.  I bought a $20 sewing machine meant for paper and scrap booking, signed up for a 3 hour class, and I was hooked.  Quilting has been the only hobby I have stuck with longer than 6 months and it has consumed more hours of my life than I can count.  I decided to convert my quilting to blogging for a couple of reasons, but you can click here for my very first every blog post that covers it all.

What I'm Working On:

Aside from a couple of quilt-a-longs that I'm currently participating in, I've been working on a number of quilts.  I need to work on finishing one quilt before I start another one.  

I thought I knew what my quilting style was, but now I'm not so sure.  I suppose my tastes lean towards traditional, but there is also something to be said for minimal quilts!  Modern quilts are hit or miss with me depending on their design.  I almost exclusively make baby or lap sized quilts too.  My Instagram has more updates on my quilting, but here's a taste of what I've been up to lately.

This is my first finish of the year, it's a baby quilt for a coworker in Handsomepant's office.  I picked out a few fabrics from some charm packs of Apricot & Persimmon by Carina Gardner for Riley Blake Designs.  This is probably one of my favorite baby quilts.  Even though I make a lot of baby quilts, I stay away from designs and patterns that scream "BABY!"  I prefer baby quilts that baby can grow with.

Goose asked me if she could have a new quilt to go with her new bed, (the girls got bunk beds when Little Man was born) and it's not like I'm going to turn down an excuse to start a new quilt!  She helped me search Pinterest for a pattern she liked, and we found this one here.  I call it the Half Moon quilt, and it was my first ever attempt at curves, I was a little surprised at how easy the technique was!  I used Cotton & Steele fabrics from a 50 fat quarter box I found on super clearance from Craftsy a while ago.  I haven't decided on a binding for it, but I'm leaning towards red.

 This fish scale quilt is for Handsomepants.  Around Christmas he asked me why I had never made him his own quilt since I've made them for the kids, for family members, for our friends kids, but not for him.  Blue was an obvious choice since it's his favorite color, but the pattern was a little more difficult.  I find that a lot of quilt patterns feel feminine, so I went with something simple and geometric.  I'm thinking this will make a nice Father's Day gift!

This cathedral window quilt (awesome tutorial from Missouri Star here) is for one of my very best friends.  She's having her second baby in June, a girl this time!  Her son was born 11 hours after M, in the same hospital, and they were three doors down the hallway, partay in the maternity ward!  His baby quilt is the red and white air plane quilt in my gallery!

I'm planning on finishing this quilt with a flannel backing and no batting.  There are seams in this pattern that are very thick, and I think those seams plus  batting layers would seriously test the strength of my sewing machine.


Leanne, the host of my blog hive suggested finishing our first post with 4 items, so here they are:

  1. Blogging Tip: Use Canva.  It's easy to navigate and free to use.  You can edit photos, add watermarks, and create banners for all your blogging and social media needs.
  2. Quilting Tip: Measure twice, cut once!  It's an oldie but a goodie.  If you're new to quilting, pay attention to accurate measuring and cutting.  These basics will give you more accurate results, and you're more likely to be pleased with your finished products when there are minimal mistakes.
  3. Blogging/Quilting Question for the Readers:  What do you look for in a quilting blog (community, how to's, quiltspiration?)  What would the prefect tutorial look like?
  4. Dream Vacation Spot: When I was younger I would have said someplace remote and off the beaten path like Vietnam or Chad.  But now that I have children, I want an all inclusive resort someplace tropical.  I don't want to have to worry about anything except my sunscreen and flight times.  To sum it up, I would want to be comatose on a beach while the kids are at Grandmas.

I also added the lineup for the blog hop in case anyone wanted to snoop around.  

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I'm looking forward to your comments and getting to know everyone!

Happy Quilting!

- Rita