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A New Baby, Another Quilt!

It's official, Handsomepants and I are now outnumbered! Our little boy was born in October after a very exciting weekend spent in the emergency room. (Everything was fine, it turned out to be much ado about nothing too serious.) We kept Tiny's gender a surprise but we were still anticipating a girl, given our track record of producing girls and at one point I thought the doctor slipped up. Needless to say Handsomepants was literally speechless when Tiny popped out.

Hello Tiny! (Obligatory proud mom pic)

Hello Tiny! (Obligatory proud mom pic)

Every kiddo has gotten thier own quilt (although i still have to finish Gooses' quilt, it will make a nice 5 year birthday present right?) Tiny's was a quick tummy-time sized quilt. Full disclosure here, I cheated and already had the quilt made! Last year I had made the quilt for a cousin thinking she was having a boy, but I was wrong and had to quickly make aomething a little more pink! So I've had the quilt packed away for a little while.

The pattern is super simple, it's a checker board of single square and 4-square blocks.

The pattern is super simple, it's a checker board of single square and 4-square blocks.

I used a charmpack of Nocturnal by Janet Clare for Moda as well as a yard of the collections navy moon fabrich for the backing.  I tried some new techniques for me. I made the quilt self-binding, something I think I'll do more regularly. I also tied the quilt, which turned out to be pretty adorable.

I love the fabric. The charm pack was something I had in my stash for a while. It was an impulse buy, and I'm so glad I had it. Not only is navy one of my favorite colors, I have a hard time finding fabric for boys. I'm not into the cutesy fabric, I preference more mature patterns and because of this I find boys more difficult to quilt for. 


I think I'll have to improve my quilting taste for little boys because I'm kind of in love!


Happy quilting! 

- Rita