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2x the Baby Quilts - Baby Blocks Quilt


This year a number of women that I know decided it would be a good idea to get pregnant with boys. Myself included there are 5 little boys brewing that I’m making a quilt for. In general, I find it more difficult to quilt for boys. The majority of the fabrics I find myself drawn to are very feminine. But in the depths of my quilting closet I found a jelly roll of batik fabrics that ranged from pearly white to black and every shade of blue in between. Perfect.


I separated out individual strips from the jelly roll according to pattern and color and made as many of the 6.5” blocks as I could, resulting in 75 blocks. Typically when I quilt, I don’t actually follow a pattern. I just kinda wing it and hope everything looks good when I’m done. I knew that I wanted to make at least two quilts, and kill two birds with one stone.


Each quilt got 36 blocks, making the quilt tops 6 x 6 block grids. The few extra blocks I had made their way to my scrap pile. The kids all had fun helping me play around with the layouts of the blocks, since my quilting took over the dining room. Each of the quilts, when finished measure about 36 x 36”.

For the sashing, borders and backing on one of the quilts, I used a flat sheet from from a sheet set I found on clearance at Target a while ago. I actually really like to use sheets for backing because they’re so soft and I always end up with snugly, pliable quilts rather than a rigid quilt that feels over stitched. The other quilt got a vintage type airplane print broadcloth, and I actually had to piece the backing with a few inches of the same navy fabric I used for the binding. Like I said, I wing it when I quilt! The airplane print was a misprint, and throughout the fabric you can see where the fabric was folded over during printing, but I like that it’s imperfect, it adds to the old feel of the fabric.


With these quilts I also decided to start expanding my skills and hand embroider the quilt tags. Oh man, I’m awful at embroidery, but I decided to keep the labels I made because they have a homemade feel to them. And an infant won’t notice if my lettering isn’t a consistent size. On one of the quilts I used an extra block as the label.

The quilt with the airplane backing was machine quilted with a grid pattern. I top stitched through the sashing and the centers of the blocks. The quilt with the white backing was hand quilted with big fat stitches through the center 2 rows, and the rest of the blocks were tied in the of the blocks.


I’m quite pleased with how these two quilts turned out, and I can’t wait to give them away. The quilt with the white backing is for one of Handsomepant’s coworkers so he’s going to gift the quilt at an office party later this month. The quilt with the airplane backing is for a girlfriend from church and I am so looking forward to her baby shower in just a few weeks. Giving quilts is one of my greatest pleasures in life.

Happy Quilting!

  • Rita