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Farmer Girl Vintage Quilt: Progress!

This is a picture of 39 6" blocks from the Vintage Farmer Girl pattern book by Lori Holt.  I've been following her on social media and on her blog for a couple of years now, and I love how she has the ability to create in me a yearning for country life through her designs.  When we were house hunting I couldn't convince Handsomepants that we should move out to no man's land.  He works downtown and didn't want his commute to be longer than an hour, so inconsiderate of him! (Just and FYI, that was said in sarcasm!)

So since I am relegated to all of the conveniences of city life, I'll just have to satisfy my inner country girl by making this quilt and imagine that our patio is actually a wide open field where I can't even hang my quilts after washing them because the HOA wont allow it.

There are a few more blocks I need to create before I finalize my lay out, like the tractor, barn, and farm house, and a few more 6" blocks.  I only have to finish the sheep block and I will have made all 6" blocks in the book!  And then I'm planning on adding about 4 more 6" blocks that Lori has available for download from her blog.  I haven't quite decided which ones to download, but I'm leaning towards a tree to put next to the farm house, a cow, and some flower blocks.

VFG 1.png
VFG 2.png
VFG 3.png
VFG 8.png
VFG 4.png
VFG 13.png
VFG 5.png
VFG 6.png
VFG 7.png
VFG 9.png
VFG 10.png
VFG 11.png
VFG 12.png
VFG 14.png
VFG 15.png
VFG 20.png
VFG 16.png
VFG 32.png
VFG 17.png
VFG 18.png
VFG 19.png
VFG 21.png
VFG 23.png
VFG 24.png
VFG 22.png
VFG 25.png
VFG 37.png
VFG 26.png
VFG 29.png
VFG 28.png
VFG 27.png
VFG 30.png
VFG 31.png
VFG 33.png
VFG 34.png
VFG 36.png
VFG 35.png
VFG 38.png
VFG 39.png

Handsomepants laughed at me when I came home from the grocery store with a bag of Bluebird Flour, he knew I had bought it because of the packaging (that's how I buy my spaghetti sauce too). I thought it would be a nice, vintage type addition to the quilt.  Size-wise it's not compatible with 6"blocks, but I'm going to fit it in somehow, either by forgoing sashing around it, or adding it as a "patch" to the backing.

I still need to decided on the color and style of sashing too.  The layout is going to be strait, not on point, and I still need to decide on the feel of the quilt.  If I make it into a winter quilt with flannel for backing, the sashing is going to be solid and colorful.  If I make a summer quilt, the sashing is going to be white with a fun binding.  I can't quite decided, and it might just come down to what additional fabrics are on sale because I don't have enough fabric for a backing in my stash.  

What are your suggestions?

Happy Quilting!

- Rita