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February 2017 Recap

Holy Spamoni, where did February go! It seems to me that the second month of the year literally disappeared overnight! February was a month of change and mess in our household.  Handsomepants has been working his butt off, he's financial reporter for Medicaid for the state and he's had major deadlines recently.  I started 2 jobs (because, ya know, why not?) as a personal Norwex consultant and as a children's karate instructor.  The girls are just crazy awesome as usual, and Little Man has started cutting teeth so everyone is sleep deprived, and I was diagnosed with pink eye... for three weeks straight! 

Needless to say, my quilting resolution accomplishments were not as spectacular as they were last month.  

Resolution: Blogging

FAIL! I think I posted once in February and it was probably my January Recap.  This is definitely a resolution where I need to pick up the slack.

Resolution: Join 3 QAL's

So far I have been doing quite well with keeping up with my quilt alongs, which seems to be the only quilting I've been doing lately.  

The 52 Week Quilter's Planner quilt along hosted by Angie at Gnome Angle was been awesome!  In January when I decided to join the QAL, I decided to challenge myself and I gave myself two restrictions: 1. I can only use what fabric I already have to make the blocks, 2. I can only use a color pallet that I wouldn't normally choose.  That means that my color pallet is largely based on black and pink.  Not that those aren't great colors, but I'm not a fan of that combination, and to my surprise I am very pleased with how these blocks are turning out!


I've also been following along with the Sewcial Bee Sampler by Maureen Cracknell and I'm having a blast!  Tuesdays can't come fast enough when I have to wait for the new blocks to be released every week.  I suppose that's how QAL's are supposed to run, but oh the anticipation!


Exciting News!

For as poorly as I've been performing in quilting lately, I do have some exciting things to share!

First, and this is completely a point of hubris, is that one of my blocks for Quilter's Planner QAL was featured on Angie's blog!  You see the proof for yourself here!

Second, I am very humbled and very excited to have been selected to join the 2017 New Quilt Bloggers Hop hosted by Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl! OMG what have I gotten myself into!?! I'm hoping for some fun!

Maybe this will be the kick-in-the-butt I need to be more consistant with my blogging, finger's crossed!

Happy Quilting!

- RIta