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Granny Square Quilt

Granny Squares are some of my favorite quilt blocks.  They're a classic that calls to mind snuggling under well-loved, almost ragged quilts at Grandmas' house over summer break.  A Granny Square quilt has been on my Quilting Bucket list for a while, and I finally got around to piecing one.  

Granny Squares 1.png

A few years ago I made out like a bandit at Denver's Quilt Show after spending an entire day combing through bargain and clearance bins.  One of the finds I made as a plastic bag of 400 3" squares for $2.  Great price for precuts!  I used those squares as the foundation for the Granny Squares Quilt top. and an old sheet because I'm on a budget!

Granny Squares 2.png

When I designed the blocks, I cheated a bit.  Traditionally Granny Square blocks use half squares triangles for the background fabric.  I used only squares and rectangles and set the blocks on point so that piecing would be fast and easy.  This quilt top measures 88 x 106" and is just shy of a true king sized quilt, so I wanted to use as little thread, fabric and time as possible.  

Granny Squares 4.png
Granny Squares 5.png

Unfortunately I have the habit of piecing together quilt tops and the Granny Squares Quilt is no exception.  I don't have a batting large enough for it, so I'm saving up my monthly quilting budget to buy one. Hopefully I should have enough by October.  I feel like a little kid saving up my allowance.  But actually quilting this beast is going to be an adventure! I'm planning on top stitching 2 1/2" lines to mirror the Granny Squares.

However, I am hoping that once the quilt is finished, that it will be a nice hint to Handsomepants that we should upgrade our bed.  I don't necessarily need a king, but the double mattress that I've had since I started high school is starting to get a little worn.

Granny Squares 7.png
Goose always helps me stage my quilts, she's such a help!

Goose always helps me stage my quilts, she's such a help!

If you're interested in making your own Granny Squares quilt, you can download the pattern HERE.

Remember to share yours in Instagram with #posterityquiltco

Happy Quilting!

- Rita