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Ms. B's Baby Quilt - Throwback Series


I recently found an external hard drive that had been missing for about 3 years. I am so excited because I had previously come to terms with loosing several years worth of family pictures and quilt pictures. But lo and behold, I found it and now I can add several quilts to the blog! A number of the quilts are unfinished in the pictures. I don’t know why I took pictures of unfinished quilts, but I’m glad I did because most of these quilts were gifted away several years ago so these pictures are the only records I have of them.


When I heard through the grapevine that my childhood best friend was expecting her first baby, I jumped at the opportunity to make her a quilt. This was back at a time when I was actually trying to keep track of the specific fabrics I used for each quilt I made. So here’s a shot of the jelly roll of “Jelly Bean” by Laundry Basket Quilts I used to make the log cabin blocks for Ms. B’s baby quilt.

I don’t remember the fabric I used on the backing, but it was a sweet raspberry bunch pattern. The raspberries perfectly matched the red fabrics in the “Jelly Bean” color scheme. I really wish I had kept the selvage of the raspberry fabric so I could buy more, because I think it would make cute sheets for the girls bedroom.


I remember being very selective about where I used the red fabrics from the jelly roll. The centers of the log cabins are red, a traditional arrangement. And I was able to sneak enough of the strips out so that I could use them for the binding as well.

I don’t remember if I even put a label on the quilt, but I do like the look of the quilting on the backside. I stitched in the ditch in all the blocks to make concentric squares. I’m glad I chose that simple design because it doesn’t take away from the basic look of the log cabin block.


I wish I had taken more pictures of this quilt, but I had just finished it the week we bought out first house and moved out of the apartment. So between packing, paperwork, watching the girls, and being 8 months pregnant, I’m lucky I thought to take any pictures at all. I was also a little rushed to finish the quilt because I had wanted to send it to my friend via my parents, who had come out from Wisconsin to help up move.

Happy Quilting!

  • Rita