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Ms. L's Baby Quilt - Squash Blossom Quilt


One of Handsomepant’s co workers shared with us that she was pregnant so I immediately set to work on this little quilt. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the fabric I used, but I’m pretty sure it’s from Moda. The backing was from a sheet set I bought from Target on super clearance to help supplement my fabric stash. The squash blossom blocks measure 12” square and I used a layer cake of the main fabric and some plain white fabric from my stash.

I like the look of the squash blossom block, and related blocks, because of how geometric they are. Something about half square triangles look like they should be difficult, but in reality are rather easy. Maybe it’s the drama they add to a quilt pattern, but I find squash blossom blocks receive lots of compliments.


The only thing about this quilt that really makes it a baby quilt is it’s size. I suppose it would be categorized a lap quilt because it’s only 36 x 48”. The fabric is more sophisticated than a traditional baby quilt, and that fits with the style sense of myself and Handsomepant’s cor worker. I like a baby quilt that the child van grow up with.


The quote on the quilt tag is something we have on the kids wall in their bedroom, you can find it here. I converted it into a miniature version and embroidered it with a back stitch. I think I’ll use it on other quilt tags because it’s awfully cute!

Happy Quilting!

  • Rita