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Sneak Peak: WIPS and Baby Quilts

Oh man, October has packed a punch for the Wahn family and the month's only half over!  We've all taken turns being sick, Em is teething, Goose is learning that not all the kids in preschool are nice, and Handsome Pants has been taking a hammering at work (I'm glad I'm not an accountant, but he seems to honestly enjoy his work.) 

I think there's  something in the water around here that has made 2015 the Year of the Babies.  I have made five baby quilts for our small group at church (three of those babies were born within two weeks of each other) and I have another three baby quilts in the making.    So with all of that on my plate I've fallen behind a bit on the Simple Sampler quilt, but I'm planning a furious come back with next week's posts.  So until then, I'll catch you up on some of the  projects I've been working on.  

Issue 24 of Love Patchwork and Quilting came with a little gift of EPP templates, 1-1/2" square, diamonds, and hexies.  I've been working with these templates to use up my scrap pile.  I don't have a specific layout in in mind and I've been creating simple blocks like the one in the picture that will be pieced together at some point in the future.  I like to EPP in the evening.  It's a great time to be able to sit and be with the whole family and still quilt, rather than sit by myself in front of my sewing machine.

After working on EPP so much lately, I think I'm going to have to invest in clear EPP rulers that will make fussy cutting easy.  But for now I'll keep up with the traditional foundation method.

At the Quilt-A-Fair in Longmont last month I picked up a jellyroll of Jelly Bean fabric by Laundry Basket for Moda.  I loved how old and traditional the prints were so I thought the fabric deserved an old and traditional block to match.  I chose the six pointed star to show case the colored prints of the collection and using the neutrals as the background fabric to complete the hexie block. 

While I really like this project, I think it's going to become a long standing WIP.  There seems to be so many new or up coming projects that need to be started and finished.  I'll update every now and then if it's a project of interest. 


The latest project that I actually have a time restriction on is a woodland creature themed baby quilt for a family in my small group at church.  After a massive accident which placed her in a coma for a couple of weeks last year, this pregnancy they couldn't be more happy or excited.  They're having a baby boy named Jackson. 

I have to admit that this is shaping up to be one of my favorite baby quilts that's I've every made.  I was inspired by the Fancy Fox block by Elizabeth Hartman. (You can buy the pattern here.)  Besides the bear and deer block shown here I've also made a fox and then altered the Fancy Fox block slightly to create a raccoon.  I'm still deciding if I want to add a hedgehog, squirrel, and some birds and how those blocks might be arranged.  I've also used the same fabrics from the animal blocks to make scrappy flying geese for sashing. 

I have some plans for the backing of the quilt beyond a single piece of fabric, but that's a secret until next week when I post some pics of the finished quilt. 

That's it for me this week, I do have other WIPs but these are the most recent projects I have going on.  I'll update as these projects progress and are finished. 

See you next week as we continue with the Simple Sampler Quilt, happy quilting!

- Rita