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1930's Farmer's Wife: Autumn

The Autumn block can be found on page 133 of the  1930's Farmer's Wife Sampler  (page 168 for template instructions.)

The Autumn block can be found on page 133 of the 1930's Farmer's Wife Sampler (page 168 for template instructions.)

April 1939

Click here for the original Farmer's Wife Magazine, the letter written by L.O.L. of Indiana can be found on page 26.

Events that took place in April 1939 led directly to the outbreak of World War 2.  Adolf Hitler secretly started Case White, an executive order to ready a standing army that would be capable of invading Poland by September of the same year.  Within a number of days both England and France signed an agreement to support Poland in the event of a German invasion.  Whether or not England and France knew of Case White, I don't know, but I think it's safe to say that the support promised wasn't very useful to Poland because the country fell to German occupation in roughly 2 weeks.  

The rest of the world was either already embroiled in war: Japan was building it's empire throughout Asia, Korea, and the Pacific; or praying that Chamberlain's Appeasement Policy would truly quell Hitler's desire for expansion.  Looking back, it's easy to criticize Chamberlain, but his desire for peace was shared by many.  The First World War, while 20 years past, was still fresh in the collective mind.  Veterans who had survived the Great War wanted to spare their sons the horrors they had experienced.  Particularly in America, the public was reluctant to sacrifice their boys to help solve Europe's problems.  Most Americans were content to live life peaceably and focus on family and the daily tasks of life.

After reading L.O.L.'s letter to the editor I can relate entirely with her!  With four of my own, laundry is a never ending chore that I try to tackle every day.  While I don't take an after lunch siesta, I do have my own quiet time early in the morning before anyone else is awake when I drink my coffee, read the news, and tend the garden when it's warm enough.  Most people think that 5:30 am is an un-Godly hour, but I am a much more pleasant mother when I get my quiet time before everyone else is up and hit-the-ground-running to start the day.


The Block

The Autumn block was simple enough to piece together.  Start from the center and work you way out.  I did run into a few hiccups, but those weren't related to the block itself, just my machine acting up.  There is a small screw inside the machine that regulates the height of the dog feeds, and that small screw broke!  Don't ask me how, but it doesn't have a head and the rest of the screw are constantly unthreading and lowering the feed dogs.  Handsomepants promised to take a look at it for me, I'm so glad I have him around, he's good to me!


Happy Quilting!

- Rita