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Ginger's Quilts: Grandma and Goose


It’s no secret that our family is based in the Denver area, but like a lot of Coloradan transplants we’re the only ones from our family who live here. My parents and my in-laws are all in Wisconsin. It can get lonely sometimes but we’ve always been blessed that every time we’ve had a baby both my mother-in-law and my parents have been able to come visit and help with the kids.

When the Prime Minister was born last June, my mother-in-law was able to spend just over a week with us and she brought some fabric and a plan to keep Goose entertained. Ginger and Goose both worked together on the 6” blocks for this 32” x 32” lap quilt.


Handsomepants is from a family of 5 kids, plus a number of foster kids sprinkled throughout. I don’t know how Ginger handled all of those kids, but I do know that the woman has the patience of a saint. Ginger did a spectacular job walking Goose through the importance of consistent seam allowances while Goose sewed away under Grandma’s supervision, but Ginger did confess to putting some decent mileage on her seam ripper when she returned to WI with the finished blocks.


Ginger took the blocks back to WI with her when she finished her visit with us, and later mailed the finished quilt back to Goose. This little quilt is Goose’s pride and joy and has an honored spot on her bed. None of her siblings are allowed to play with it, and I’ve overheard her bragging to friends about how much fun she had making it with her grandma.

There are many things I’m thankful to my mother-in-law for, and a love of quilting is one of them. She inspired me to start, and she’s inspired Goose to start as well. Sharing a love of quilting is what Posterity Quilt Co. is all about, inspiring the next generation, and that seems to be an innate ability my mother-in-law has.


Happy Quilting!

  • Rita