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The Definition of Posterity

Hello World, and welcome to Posterity Quilt Company!

I had a hard time planning and writing this post.  I have never before come across the very first post of any of the blogs I read, (or at least I don't think I have) so I really didn't know how to introduce myself or my business or write my very first blog post.  So lets start at the beginning.

For the longest time I had kicked around the idea of selling quilts online, more to create a self-sustaining hobby than anything else; something my husband wholeheartedly supported so that our monthly budget didn't have to include a Fabric category.  I made an entire stack of finished quilts, ready for listing online.  I made quilt tags and business cards, I made little tags for shipping and specialized wrapping for the millions of quilts I was going sell.  I opened a bank account and an Etsy shop.  I think I enjoyed the process of creating a small business just as much as the idea of selling online.  And then... nothing.  After three weeks I burned out without selling or even posting a single quilt.  My little hobby had become an all consuming job, and I hated it.  

After that burn out, (it's a character flaw I have, diving into a project head long and then never finishing) I flew the girls to St. Louis for my grandmother's 98th birthday.  I hadn't seen my grandmother for about two years, and I while in St. Louis I remembered why I had started quilting in the first place.    To connect.

I had taken some English Paper Piecing with me on the trip and Grandma became so animated when she saw it.  We ended up talking for several hours together about quilting.  She even marched me up to her spare room and we pulled out yards of fabric (a bit outdated) and extra quilts that had probably been stored away years ago.  That was one of the few true conversations I've ever had with my grandmother.  It was nostalgic, profound, and a bit painful at times.  She had made a quilt for every one of her children, 11 in all with only 9 surviving.  And she still had those two quilts that never had the chance to be used.

Grandma's house is full of quilts.  There are quilts on all of the beds, on the backs of the chairs in the living room, and stuffed into closets just in case.  I remember always knowing that Grandma had made quilts, but I never really appreciated them before I started quilting myself.  They were old, worn, and well loved.  She has made quilts for all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren (the girls are her 9th and 11th!)  Even though she's not as strong as she used to be, or that her voice is weak and her steps are unsure, Grandma still quilts.  It's how she shows her love to the generations that have come after her, even if she has never met them before.  

Grandma loves, and that is what it means to act with posterity in mind.  When every stitch is placed, she knows that someone else will enjoy the benefits of her work.  She knows that someone else will be kept warm and be comforted for years to come.   Quilting is something I hope to continue as long as I can, even if I'm 98.  It's something I hope to be able to do again with my grandmother.  It's something I hope to teach my girls.  It's something generational.  And therein lies the meaning to the name Posterity Quilt Company.