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1930's Farmer's Wife: Lily

The Lily block can be found on page 34 of the  1930's Farmer's Wife Sampler  (page 210 for template instructions.)

The Lily block can be found on page 34 of the 1930's Farmer's Wife Sampler (page 210 for template instructions.)

Click here for the original Farmer's Wife Magazine, the letter written by Mrs. E. E. H. in Wyoming can be found on page 18.

July 1930

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died in the early morning of July 7, surrounded by family.  He had made plans with family members to try to contact them "from the other side." Conan Doyle was a well known Spiritualist, a widespread belief that communication with the dead was possible. Conan Doyle had established or member to a number of psychic and supernatural clubs throughout most of his life. He had even ended, in a very ugly and public manner, a long time friendship with Harry Houdini over the validity of seances, Houdini was an avid opponent of the Spiritualism movement. The day of his funeral, 6,000 spiritualists were in attendance, and renowned medium Estelle Roberts claims to have relayed a message to Conan Doyle’s widow fro him. Whether or not Conan Doyle was capable of reaching across the divide from death, I don’t know, but I’m doubtful.

One thing I’ve noticed from the last several Farmer’s Wives’ Letters is a running theme of thankfulness and an attitude of count-your-blessings. Mrs. E. E. H. makes no bones about being poor and homesteading in Wyoming. But she’s thankful for the good man and father her husband is, she’s thankful for the health of her four children, she’s thankful for the beauty that comes with the changing of the seasons, and she’s thankful for the fulfillment she finds in the work of raising poultry. I can’t help but wonder at the excess that modern Americans live in and how many of us ever stop to be thankful for it.

The Block

The Lily block was fun and much more simple to make than I had thought. When I first looked at the block, I had thought that Y-seams would have been part of its construction, but the lily petals are actually a series of squares and HSTs that create half the block.

I would recommend that you cut the B pieces a little longer than the templates if those are what you're using. As you can see from the top right corner of the main picture, sometimes blocks don't always come out just right!

Also beware of creating thick seams! With all those little pieces it's very easy for seams to pile up. Don't be afraid to rip out some paper template if you need to during block construction so you can press seams flat.

Happy Quilting!

  • Rita