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April/May Recap

Well I dropped the ball on my monthly report in April. I had meant to write the post, and the next thing I knew it was halfway through May! How time flies sometimes! 

Goose graduated preschool this month, and I promise that I didn't cry too much. How is it possible that my first born is going to be a kindergartner in August?!? M is no longer the shy little girl she used to be, those fabled Terrible Twos are in full swing, and Little Man cut 4 teeth! Handsomepants is also helping me revamp the laundry room by building a new surround for the utility sink. He's the best! 

But enough about the family, let's talk quilting! 



The 2017 New Quilters Blog Hop ended 😭 It was hosted by name,name,and name, and was an absolute blast! I met so many wonderfully talented quilters out in the blogosphere. I also found many friends on Instagram (check them out for yourself), a platform that I'm relatively new to, and it immediately became my favorite social media site. I think my favorite part is being made jealous of everyone else's fabric and it keeps me motivated to create more.  If you're interested in seeing any of the other bloggers in my blog hop "hive" click here to see my introduction or just follow these links:

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Overall in April and May I did alright with keeping up my blogging, I hope you all weren't too let down, although I realized that I did way more quilting than blogging! If you missed any of my previous posts, here's the links:

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I kind of moved backwards on this resolution. I did make progress on finishing some WIPs like A&H's Wedding Quilt and the Baby Cathedral Window Quilt.  But I did add some more WIPs to the pile, but I suppose that's the curse of a quilters, your work is never done and what a happy curse it is!



The Quilters Planner QAL has been plugging along and fingers crossed I keep up the pace! I  plan on posting all blocks in their appropriate times, all 52 of them! 

April's Blocks

52 QAL 60.png
52 QAL 61.png

May's Blocks

QP block 17.png
QP block 18.png
FGV Block 1.png

I also kicked some serious butt on the Vintage Farmer Girls blocks, I have one block from the book left to make, and about 5 block spaces left in the layout I have planned. Lori Holt has some more blocks she's designed on her blog, and I'm still deciding which ones I want to incorporate into my quilt.

FGV Block 1.png
FGV Block 3.png
VFG 3.png
VFG 4.png
VFG 5.png
VFG 6.png
VFG 7.png
VFG 8.png
VFG 9.png
VFG 10.png
VFG 11.png
VFG 12.png
VFG 13.png
VFG 14.png
VFG 15.png
VFG 16.png
VFG 17.png
VFG 18.png
VFG 19.png
VFG 20.png
VFG 21.png
VFG 22.png
VFG 23.png
VFG 24.png
VFG 25.png
VFG 27.png
VFG 28.png
VFG 29.png
VFG 30.png
VFG 31.png
VFG 32.png
VFG 33.png
VFG 32.png
VFG 34.png
VFG 36.png
VFG 37.png
VFG 38.png
VFG 39.png

The Blue Bird Flour fabric I'm thinking of incorporating somehow to give the quilt a more "authentic" feel  from when feed sacks were more commonly used for quilting fabric.

I am very excited about the Vintage Farmer Girl quilt, this one is mine and I've never made myself a quilt before. I'm thinking about a pink sashing and boarder with a dark binding, maybe black or blue, I don't know, and I still need to decide on a backing too. I think that means I need to go fabric shopping!

Happy Quilting!

- Rita