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Becca's Quilt


A few weeks ago Handsomepants and I loaded up the minivan with all four kiddos, two dogs, and one suitcase and drove a 2,000 mile round trip to WI to visit both of our families. It was great to spend time with the in-laws and pawn the kids off with their aunt for a sleepover with cousins. And it was awesome to watch my baby sister walk across the stage and officially graduate law school at UW Madison with honors.


While we were staying at my parents house I found this little gem, the very first quilt I ever finished. I made this quilt a number of years for my sister Becca when she graduated high school. If I remember correctly the pattern is based off of the Paintbox pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. Don’t quote me on the name of the pattern, I don’t quite remember as I made it around 10 years ago.


The backing and the binding are made of scraps leftover from making the blocks. Just looking at all of those wonky lines and bunched up seams kinda makes me cringe, but I also kinda like it. Over all I don’t think I did too bad for my first finished quilt, it could certainly have been worse!

Becca took the quilt to college with her, and now it sits on the bed in my childhood bedroom at my parent’s house. It certainly was a fun reminder of just how much my quilting has improved over the years.

Happy Quilting!

  • Rita