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I ♥You Baby Quilt


I know I’ve mentioned in previous posts, that four of my friends are all pregnant right now. That’s a lot of babies to make baby quilts for, yeah me!

Well as it turns out, my friend Christa is due any moment now. Earlier this year we went on vacation to Wisconsin and unfortunately we missed her gender reveal/diaper shower. For the past 15 weeks or so, I’ve been under the impression that she was having a girl. I know she’s not the girly-girl type, so when I was selecting fabrics for a baby quilt I chose some not-so-girly fabrics but also went with a pattern that was sweet. (Thank you Cluck Cluck Sew!)

processed_DSC_0047 (1)-01.jpeg

The triangle patterned fabric came in a bundle of fat quarters I received in a gift exchange in my Tuesday night quilting circle. The teal apple blossom fabric used for the backing and binding I found buried in my stash, and I settled for this fabric because it had related colors, but also because it tipped the scales of this quilt towards the feminine. Perfect for a not-so-girly baby quilt.

processed_DSC_0041 (1)-01.jpeg

I made a quick job of quilting this quilt, with horizontal, diagonal, and perpendicular top stitching. Nothing fancy, just quick, clean top stitching. I will admit that the tiny hearts in the sashing were a bit of a challenge just because the seams didn’t want to lie flat, but I eventually wrestled them into submission. The finished product measures about 33 x 42”, a nice crib/tummy time sized quilt.

Now for the kicker.

Christa’s having a baby boy! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to double check with her BEFORE I started this quilt, but I have a habit of “knowing” I’m right and then later finding out differently. Oh well, now I have an extra baby quilt on hand. Instead of this quilt, Christa’s little boy will be getting one of these Baby Blocks quilts instead.

processed_DSC_0046 (1)-01.jpeg

Happy Quilting!

  • Rita