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A Quilt For The Girls

Weather in Denver has been awesome these last couple of weeks.  Spring cleaning is in full swing at my house, windows open to clear out winter dust, and the girls practically live out on our patio.  Trips to the park and frolics in the sprinkler had become a regular occurrence along with picnics for lunch, and it's April!  

I measured the snow at 6:30 am when I took the dogs out, and it snowed all day long!

I measured the snow at 6:30 am when I took the dogs out, and it snowed all day long!


Mother nature played a horrible, terrible, cruel joke and dumped 13" of accumulated snow on us in less than 24 hours! I don't know how much total accumulation we would have had if snow hadn't melted on the ground for a couple of hours before it started sticking, but I am very glad I didn't transfer my seedling into my garden beds yet! I'm also kind of amazed at how much of the WI hardiness in me has been lost since moving to CO.  I used to think that negative temperatures were cold, now I need a sweatshirt for 60 degrees!

I'm such a wimp...

But all of this snow means that the girls have to wait a while before they can try out the picnic quilt I made for them.  Goose has been all about picnics lately.  Last week we had a late dinner by candle light out in the back yard because she set "the table" outside on some beach towels, complete with plates, cups, silverware, and a dandelion for each of us.  I figured I should probably make an actual quilt meant to be used outside.  

I had a couple of charm packs and a layercake of "Apricot &Persimmon" fabric by Riley Blake for Moda.  The pattern I chose was a four-patch design, quick enough to finish the whole quilt in a day, and simple enough to showcase the fabric patterns.  

The backing is a re-purposed crib mattress cover.  For some reason we have two crib mattress, so I'm cannibalizing the one: the cover for this quilt, and the batting for some upcoming pillows. I chose to use this material because I wanted something waterproof on the bottom of the picnic quilt, and because I couldn't bring myself to use pretty fabric on a quilt that was going to get grass and mud stains all over the bottom of it.

The mattress cover was surprisingly difficult to sew.  For some reason the feed dogs on my machine just slipped on the material and I ended up having to pull the quilt through with my left hand while guiding with my right hand.  Needless to say, the top stitching is not the straightest and there was a lot more seam ripping and restitching than I would like to admit.  I got so frustrated with this quilt that I don't even care about any puckering that occurred.  I also cheated on the binding a bit and used the binding from the mattress. Waste not, want not!

But I am pretty pleased with how things turned out, and I'm planning on getting plenty of use out of this quilt this summer.  Littleton has a "Music in the Park" series every summer and it makes a nice date night for Handsomepants and myself when we watch the girls go nuts on the nearby playground and listen to new music once a week. But for now, I only wish spring would come back!

Happy quilting!

- Rita

PS. Spring did come back over the couple of days that I took to write this post, so we went to a beach on a local creek!