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Hello 2017! Resolutions and To Do's

What a crazy year 2016 was! For me and mine it was a great year with big changes: we bought a house, had a baby, Goose is rocking preschool, and Handsomepants made some improvements in his office and therefore his career. I'll never understand accounting , but I'm glad he enjoys it. Despite some little hick ups like a miserable drive to Wisconsin for the holidays (Wisconsin was great, the drive was not) and M breaking a finger the day after Christmas, this last year was awesome Like everyone in the world I've made some New Years resolutions, and I hope to actually follow through with them. 

Rita's 2017 Quilting Resolutions

  • publish one blog post a week
  • organize my quilting closet (achieved 2/7/2017)
  • join and complete three quilt-a-longs
  • make a quilt completely hand sewn from start to finish
  • perfect the art of machine binding
  • finish 10 WIP's


1. Blogging

The first is consistent writing.  Writing a blog post takes way more preparation and work than I had anticipated when I first started this blog.  But knowing that I have 1 or 2 readers (Hi Mom!) gives me a sense of accountability to someone other than myself.  It doesn't allow me to get lazy.  All the other resolutions don't have the same level of accountability so I've come up with an action plan for actually following through with them.


2. Organize the Quilt Closet

Since we moved, Handsomepants asked if I could keep my quilting contained, instead of spread all throughout the house.  I laid claim to the entire closet under the basement stairs to store all of my quilting stuff.  All of my things have been unpacked but haven't been organized.  When we moved I took an extensive inventory of all of my quilting supplies, and we somehow ended up with an extra dresser so I'm planning on using that for fabric storage.  With such a chore, I'm determined to get it right the first time and to do so I'm going to designate an entire weekend to organizing the closet.


3. Join 3 QAL's

I've never done a quilt-a-long before but they always look so fun. The first one I've decided to join the Quilter's Planner QAL hosted by Angie at Gnomeangle.  It's a 52 week QAL with a block a week.  I'm afraid I'm cheating a bit on this QAL since I've decided not to buy the Quilter's Planner, but with a tight budget this year it's a bit out of the question.  That does disqualify me from prizes, but not from participation.  I like the idea of being part of a community, both in the blogsphere and on Instagram, where you post the weekly blocks in the QAL.  I haven't decided which other quilt-a-longs I want to take part in, but I'll keep you posted on those when they come up.


4. Make a Quilt Completely by Hand

This is something that's actually on my Dream Quilt List.  Hand quilting is something that can seem arduous and in a world of instant gratification and the vast variety of amazing sewing machines, quilting and piecing can be done in a flash.  It's easy to prefer faster methods of quilting, especially when you're excited to use all the yummy fabrics you bought the week before or when you have a deadline for birthdays, graduations, and baby showers.  Hand sewn quilts aren't very common any more and I love the look and feel of them.  To help with my first resolution of consistent blogging, I think this is a project I'll keep you updated on throughout the year.  


5. Perfect Machine Binding / 6. Finish 10 wips

I have to admit that binding a quilt is not my favorite part of the creative process. Neither is quilting if I'm going to be completely honest, but it's an absolute thrill to piece the tops of quilts. I think that's probably why I have so many WIP's on my to-do list.  I get distracted or bored as soon as I baste a quilt.  Since I have so many WIP's I'm going to concentrate on using the binding foot for my sewing machine to perfectly bind the half-made quilts waiting for me.  I know that some of the WIP's are only unfinished because I gave up on the binding.  So this year I resolve to practice and perfect my least favorite aspect of quilt making.

I'm not particularly excited about the binding resolution I've committed to, but it will improve my quilting skills.  I think that's what New Year's resolutions are all about, improving yourself.  It only makes sense that I should try to improve my skills so that my quilts aren't sub-par since I give almost every quilt away as a gift.  I want every stitch to be perfectly placed so that the recipients of my quilts know how much time and thought I put into a gift for them.

What are your New Year's resolutions? Do you have skills you want to improve or projects you want to finish? Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Quilting!

- Rita