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Mr. J's Baby Quilt - Wildlife Quilt: Throwback Series


I recently found an external hard drive that had been missing for about 3 years. I am so excited because I had previously come to terms with loosing several years worth of family pictures and quilt pictures. But lo and behold, I found it and now I can add several quilts to the blog! A number of the quilts are unfinished in the pictures. I don’t know why I took pictures of unfinished quilts, but I’m glad I did because most of these quilts were gifted away several years ago so these pictures are the only records I have of them.

I’ve decided to make a mini-series of these quilts not only to show off my profile, but it’s also interesting for me to see how my quilting has improved over the years. I was always a little intimidated by the immaculate, intricate quilts of my mother in law or the displays in fabric stores, so I think it’s good to show people that everyone starts somewhere!


This wildlife quilt was made for some friends who had their son about three years ago. I used Elizabeth Hartman’s “Fancy Fox” pattern as the basis for this quilt to make the fox and raccoon faces, and I altered the pattern slightly to make the bear face. The deer pattern I drafted myself. When I had all of the animal face blocks finished, I had to Macgyver the rest of the quilt pattern with flying geese so that I could nicely piece the entire top. Good thing Handsomepants is an accountant so he could do all of that math for me!


The back of the quilt is supposed to look like a bear rug. I thought it would be a cute way for Mr. J to channel his inner Sean Connery during tummy time. The bears ears and tail are movable so he had something to play with too. The bear himself is made with a faux fur, and it was a pain to applique onto the back. I don’t think I knew what WonderUnder was at the time, but I’m positive that would have made my life a lot easier at the time!


I quilted around the bear, to prevent the fur from being forced flat, but the rest of the quilt was quilted with a simple wood grain inspired pattern. I do remember this quilt being a bit difficult to quilt because of my thread constantly breaking, but I don’t remember why I kept having so many issues.

But I’ll get to make up for those issues by creating a nice easy quilt for Mr. J’s baby brother who’s due in November. He actually shares a due date with Pickle! I’ve been blessed to share pregnancies with three friends now, and I’ve been blessed to give those babies each a quilt!

Happy Quilting!

  • Rita